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Ga Kenkey - 5 Piece


Wala Ga Kenkey 5lb - 5 Piece

  • Kenkey is a specially fermented corn pudding using all natural products. Wala kenkey is manufactured with whole gain, stone ground, white corn meal featuring all the natural corn bran (rich in food fiber) and corn germ for robust taste, superior texture and maximum nutritional benefits. The black specks you see are indicative of germ tips, which are naturally black in color.
  • Kenkey or kormi or kokoe or dorkunu is a staple dish similar to sourdough dumpling from the Ga-inhabited regions of West Africa, usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish or soup, stew. Areas where kenkey is eaten are Ghana, eastern Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, western Benin, Guyana, and Jamaica.
  • It is usually made from ground corn (maize), like sadza and ugali. It is also known in Jamaica as dokunoo, dokono, dokunu (the Asante refer to the same dish as dɔkono), blue drawers, and tie-a-leaf. In Trinidad it is called "paime" (pronounced pay-me) and differs in that it does not contain plantain but may include pumpkin and coconut. In the cuisine of the Caribbean, it is made with cornmeal, plantain, green banana, sweet potato (Asante and Jamaican version, which came from the Asante version) or cassava, wrapped in banana leaves. The food is derived from African cooking traditions.
  • Comes with 5 Individual KENKEY
  • 100% All Natural.
  • Product of Ghana.
  • Net Weight 5lb.

Storage Tip: Can be stored in a cool place. Refrigerate , but do not freeze.

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